Is it possible to count cards in online blackjack games?

Card counters definitely have an advantage when it comes to playing blackjack games. While physical casinos do not let players count cards, online casino sites like pose no such restrictions and are flexible for players looking to learn the tricks of card counting to make money. Here is everything you need to know about card counting and its tricks in online blackjack games.

What is card counting?

Card counting is a way of mentally keeping a tally of the cards remaining with the dealer as the game progresses. When you count cards, you can predict if the next card dealt will be advantageous to you or to the dealer with a better probability. Online casinos like offer exciting online blackjack games and here are some points to know about card counting in such casinos.

  • You cannot count cards in virtual blackjack handled by machines.
  • You need to play enough rounds to successfully start counting cards
  • You can only count cards when the deck is adequately penetrated.
  • The rules of the blackjack game matter a lot for successful card counting.

As you keep reading this article, you will get a clearer understanding of all these above points and you can start building a strategy for using card counting in online blackjacks successfully. You will have to remember that card counting is not a foolproof method to win. It is just a favorable skill you learn as a blackjack player to improve your winning odds.

Counting cards in virtual games using machine counters

Counting cards is based on the idea that the dealer does not shuffle the deck of cards after every hand. This makes it logical to start counting cards to find the probability of what kinds of cards remain with the dealer. As you start assigning a point score to each card dealt, you can identify if the remaining cards in the deck are high or low in value.

Many virtual blackjack games make use of a card counter. These machines shuffle the decks after every hand. Even if you count cards, you will not arrive at any conclusion because the decks are all mixed up. However, there are live online blackjack games where a dealer handles the card and you can see the game progressing online. You can definitely count cards in these live games.

Playing enough rounds to successfully count cards

One of the main factors that will help you win games is your readiness to play more rounds to start using your card counting strategy successfully. Many players start online blackjack games and try counting cards. When they fail the first few times, they give up and walk away with a loss. Here are a few points you should keep in mind about patience in online blackjack games.

  • You have to play 50-300 rounds an hour to start winning.
  • The more you play, the more you win.
  • Patience is the key to winning using card counting.

If you are a professional online blackjack player and want to use card counting to win, then you have to learn the art of patience. You will have to find time to continuously keep playing multiple rounds to ensure your card counting skills start working. If you get tired halfway through or give up, you will be very close to success without touching it.

Adequate deck penetration

Another factor that will decide whether or not your card counting works is deck penetration. This includes the time gap between each shuffling. Shuffling is the technique that dealers follow to mix up the cards to ensure players do not find it easy to track the cards. Thankfully, live online dealers and dealers in physical casinos do not mix up the cards after every round.

For instance, when you pay with 8 decks, the dealer might shuffle the card after the 4th deck and this will give card counters ample opportunity to start counting cards. However, if your deck is not adequately penetrated and the dealer keeps shuffling after every round, card counting strategies may not work. Start by betting small and find out how the deck penetration is before you wager high.

Rules of the online blackjack game

Just like how every physical casino has its own rules for its games and slots, all online casinos have different rules when it comes to their blackjack games. Before you even consider counting cards, do check the rules thoroughly. Many a time, online casinos offer great bonuses to players but have stringent and poor rules. Check these two major points before you start playing.

  • Rules like no doubling after splitting or blackjacks pay 6:5 makes it impossible for you to win even if you count cards
  • Casinos that force you to quickly make decisions with timers make it difficult to count cards.

Online casinos have to let you choose your own pace when you play blackjacks and they should have fair rules that make it possible for you to win. Only then can you even attempt to win using card counting. You can mentally count the cards or write the tally up when you play online. Compact card counting machines are also available for beginners to learn with.